Star Dancer Maxi Dress

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Star Dancer, a perennial top seller in the Feather and Find collection that's set to headline once again in 2024. This season, it comes adorned in the signature print, Free Bird, meticulously crafted by Heather to showcase an incredible synergy of color combinations that have become synonymous with the brand.

The Free Bird print is more than just a design; it carries a profound symbolism. Birds, in various cultures, represent freedom, hope, and new beginnings. Their ability to soar into the skies positions them as a link between the spiritual and material worlds. Birds are believed to bring messages from the divine or passed loved ones, serving as spiritual guides in decision-making and life's journey.

The positive omens associated with bird symbolism include strength, love, joy, peace, prosperity, intelligence, and courage. As you embrace the Star Dancer in the Free Bird print, you not only don a stylish piece of fashion but also carry with you the symbolism of these magnificent creatures—a celebration of freedom, positivity, and the journey towards new beginnings. Get ready to dance through the celestial wonders of 2024 with the Star Dancer. 🌌🕊️

*Measurement taken in cm (centimeter) for each garment. 

XS 88cm 62cm -82cm 100cm 146cm
S 92cm 66cm - 96cm 104cm 146cm
M 96cm 70cm - 90cm 108cm 146cm
L 100cm 74cm - 94cm 112cm 146cm
XL 104cm 78cm - 98cm 116cm 146cm
100% natural Rayon
30 degree water hand wash or machine wash. Wash Dark Colours Separately. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Tumble Dry. Re-shape Garment When Wet. Warm Iron When Slightly Damp / or Steam When Dry.
  • Your order will be sent in our sustainable bags using our fabric , featuring a drawstring closure and larger orders with our signature style tote style bags.
  • Your order is sent using DHL express and you will be notified as soon as it is ready to leave. Orders are normally received 5-7 days after purchase.
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Magnetic & Meaningful

A passionate expression of clothing that radiates a high vibrational frequency to make you feel empowered, visible and magnetic.


Feather and Find is one of the most wonderful things that come across my life. There is so much love and happiness in these clothes. The fabrics are delicate and comfortable to wear. They remind me of a soft feather caressing my skin. Thank you Feather and Find for your work and being.

Kathrin-Joti, Switzerland

For years I have been trying to get away from “fast fashion,” while maintaining style and comfort. Feather and Find uses the most divine materials and prints. Each time I step into an outfit or dress, I feel like I’m on my way to a resort! I wear mine on the Red Carpet and to run errands. Once in a while we are lucky enough to stumble upon a fit so perfect, it transcends the outfit experience, and for me, this has happened gracefully and wonderfully through Feather and Find. I eagerly anticipate every new collection!

Sarah, Los Angeles

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