About Heather Dixon

Tell us a bit about Feather & Find

Feather & Find is a luxury bohemian Resort collection for women that include kaftans, dresses, jumpsuits and accessories. It combines 'out-of-box' vibrant design with radiant colorful prints. Every product is made by hand not machine and in a conscious, ethical and eco-friendly way to uplift the emotion of it's wearer and make them feel extraordinarily fabulous.

What inspires you in creating your brand's design

I feel my design, creativity and style is innate, it's a reflection of me and what I love. My purpose is to flatter, compliment and make a woman feel good. I have always have a good eye for colours, prints, textiles and fit since I was a child...I wanted to make everyone and everything look beautiful.

What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

This is really a hard question to answer... From a business perspective, I've had seriously amazing experiences that brought me great learning and in my opinion, success, as well as travel and a chance to meet and work with very inspiring and influential figures; I have been involved in creating grand ideas and eventually went on to create my own in both fashion and technology. However I feel my most significant and satisfying accomplishment was on a more personal level; My health hadn't been great  and I wasn't focusing enough on me or looking after myself so well... always busy, never enough time... work, work work... and so finally I decided to change that and focus my attention on "me". I started a huge detox and this was to last 2 years. I studied the body and the art of wellbeing from the inside out... and I experienced living fully at the highest level and this elevated me mentally, physically and emotionally and I truly felt myself become more magnetic and crystal clear. I tapped into a different level of consciousness and at its peak, I really felt significantly changed... for the better. This journey was really a journey of rediscovery and had a ripple effect on my family, friends, customers and my creativity. I felt very motivated to share my experience and to teach everyone I touched some of the keys to impact and transfer their life too. This new passion eventually turned into my little superfood cafe "Shiboo", a place where I could chat, meet people to discuss the power of a healthy plant based vegan lifestyle and soon I plan to start a blog to share this on a large scale.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra to live by?

I really have a nice quote from Maya Angeiou; it says "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

Tell us about the person who loves your clothing. What are few words that could describe their style and vibe?

I don't really like to put people into 'boxes' or myself...It feels too limited and I like to live life expansively. We have an inclusive brand culture at Feather and Find; the vibe is to lift up everyone with positivity and make them shine. The only thing that would stop someone from wearing my brand's products is if they hate vibrant palettes, or are drawn only to wearing black, monotonic-dark clothing. I am attracted to color because it touches you and supports or changes a mood and really has the power to transform. I love to transform and feel change.

Tell us about you! What was your inspiration to start Feather & Find?

I never wanted to start another label actually, it was the antithesis of what I wanted most at that time. I felt I had already covered that one, but you know life really has a habit of getting in the way and pushes you towards what you need to do so I got in the flow and just followed. I began to make clothes for myself just because I loved it...when people saw them they loved them too and stores in Bali then discovered and wanted to stock them and so this is how I started again in fashion. Shortly after, I had an offer to take over a shop in Seminyak and although I never had any previous experience in doing retail, I thought 'why not?' I discovered through the store just how much I loved talking to customers; to engage, chat, find out what they're looking for, style them myself and so on. That interaction is what inspired me most... to make woman feel amazing, confident, beautiful, and happy and really shine. I like to take them out of their comfort zone and try something unexpected that really compliments everything about them. You can read more about "getting out your comfort zone" from my customers themselves on our Tripadvisor


What's your favorite type of jewelry to pair with your clothing?

I have been a massive fan of old Afghanistan and tribal jewelry and when I first started Feather and Find eight years ago, I used to work with a dealer in Bangkok who I would give references to, and they would actually go to the country and bring some fabulous pieces back, some of which we would custom re-make ourselves. I do like statement pieces, but I also like the more subtle types of fine jewels too, but to honest, it depends on each person, their personality, the outfit and what they feel good in rather than the combination of dress and jewelry itself.

What's coming up next for Feather & Find that you are most excited about?

Well I've been working behind the scene to create an online "Wholesale" platform that will give our buyer in different countries around the world the ability to order and purchase easily from us and at the same time get the latest information on our up and coming Collections and where we will be showing internationally. This platform will launch probably in the next 2 weeks, that's probably the most exciting thing at the moment.

Where can people find your products?

First of course, at our flagship store in Seminyak, Bali and now internationally; USA, Caribbean, Japan, Middle East, Australia and most countries in Europe; We also run a pop-up store in the Hamptons, NYC each year from Labor Day to Memorial Day. You may also browse and order our products online at