The Dreamtime Collection signifies the initial step in a series of collaborations with Indigenous Cultures worldwide. Commencing with Aboriginal Artists underscoring the historical importance of the Aborigines as the First Race.


Elevate your vibration... now is the time
Following the footsteps of ancestors


Ancient Wisdom to enrich your life and a deep connection to the land
the healing power of stillness

spirit of dadirri

The Aboriginal Art of Listening

Threads that connect


Every exquisite garment in our collection is a resounding symbol of our eco-label commitment. At the crossroads of style and sustainability, we emphasize the vital union between the indigenous and modern worlds. This fusion births a fresh, captivating narrative, where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously. Explore our alluring designs, where fashion transcends the superficial to become a bridge between cultures, celebrating conscious living with every thread. Witness the future of eco-conscious couture as it unfolds at Feather & Find - it's more than a label; it's a lifestyle.


Aboriginal Artist Collaboration

Dreamtime Collection

A Cultural Exchange of Wisdom

In a momentous stride, Feather & Find embarks on a cultural journey, commencing with Australia's Indigenous Aboriginal First peoples. DREAMTIME our inaugural collection, melds Chloe Jones' contemporary artistry with Sherri Skeles' design finesse, seamlessly intertwining tradition and innovation.

Each print within DREAMTIME whispers a narrative of profound Indigenous wisdom. It signifies the vital exchange between ancient traditions and the modern world, where Indigenous peoples share their ancestral insights with the Western world. Beyond fashion, this collection embodies a cross-cultural dialogue, emphasizing the significance of mutual learning.

A portion of the proceeds from DREAMTIME is dedicated to supporting Indigenous communities, underscoring our commitment to giving back and making a tangible difference. Join us on this transformative journey, where fashion is a bridge to shared wisdom, unity, and cultural enrichment.

Redefining the Future: A Return to Ancestral Wisdom

For centuries, the echoes of ancestral wisdom have lingered in the background, barely audible above the clamor of modernity. But now, a transformative shift is underway. We are turning our gaze back to those whose lives were once intertwined with the rhythms of the earth, seeking the keys to a sustainable future.

Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann

spirit of dadirri

The deep inner spring inside of us; We call on it... and it calls on us

every garment tells a story

In the realm of fashion, every garment tells a story—a narrative of color, texture, and design that is woven into the very fabric of its existence. Heather's message is not only in the symbols, pattterns and prints but also in the evocative names she bestows upon them.

With each season, new prints bring fresh chapters. Every print is a story in motion, casting spells of positivity and embracing a world where words have the power to shape reality.

Eclipse Kaftan
Fruitful Rhythm
The balance between the Physical and Spiritual worlds
just arrived
Sacred Water
The sacred waters are the life-giving Mother of Us All. Her healing waters replenish us and give us Life.
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I bought one of your amazing dresses a few months ago. I saved it for a wedding I attended this past weekend. Wow! Is all I can say. It was the most comfortable dress… the material was so soft. The print is gorgeous… the color (hot pink) made it pop in every photo taken! And the guy was PERFECT! I posted a new Facebook profile pic from the wedding and I got 60 comments immediately…all saying what an amazing dress! Thank you!! I can’t wait to receive my next Feather and Find dress!! 

Marci, New York City

Feather and Find uses the most divine materials and prints. Each time I step into an outfit or dress, I feel like I’m on my way to a resort! 

Sarah, Los Angeles

There is so much love and happiness in these clothes. The fabrics are delicate and comfortable to wear. Thank you Feather & Find for your work and being.

Kathrin-Joti, Switzerland

Heather was so quick to answer any of my queries online on size, fit/style etc! I always feel beautiful when wearing any of my Feather & Find dresses!!

Gina, Singapore


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