Shiboo Superfood Cafe

I was inspired to create this snug little haven of healthiness after 3 years of personally transforming my own body by eating only high vibe live organic food.

It was really difficult to find delicious nutritious foods especially healthy sweet treats so I decided to create a little space to offer our customers something real, organic and sauthentic… food they can trust and enjoy with pleasure.

This delicious space is called ShiBoo, and the name represents a high vibrational lifestyle that is loving to self whether it be through choosing real organic foods, yoga, meditation, exercise, doing what you love, living with purpose, caring about your family, friends, your community. Essentially choosing a life worth living and through this raising your vibration.

At ShiBoo we offer organic vegan ice-cream made from coconuts, aloe vera, Irish sea moss, coconut oil, coconut meat, raw organic cocoa, coffee, strawberries, Madagascan vanilla, mint, moringa, oh and for those who are gluten intolerant we offer gluten free cones made from brown rice.

We also have a list of very yumi raw deserts, smoothies, juices and medicinal tonic shots.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our high vibe heavenly space. To read more about my story and all my little tips on how to become your best self then jump over to our blog A ShiBoo Life.