Playing With Color




Color has a transformative power. One that can shift raw moods and emotions from one end of the spectrum to the next with vibrational energies flowing within every hue. Each color evokes a unique feeling.

Close your eyes and briefly imagine the vibrant yellows, soft whites, velvety purples and luscious greens. What you’re feeling…imagine that sensation all around you as you go about your day, wrapping you in auras of color and light.

For a tranquil and soothing state, shades of blue do the trick with their cooling and refreshing tones. For a feminine and gentle touch, blushy shades such as rose and pink are the epitome of playful lady-land. Which leads to the sexiest of them all, the color of passion and seductive flair, red or crimson.

If wearing color is a foreign concept, come hither as we play, discover and enjoy. Hx