From an intricately embroidered money belt from Afghanistan, to an impressive Bhutanese majestic necklace or a traffic-stopping quirky Kaftan, Feather & Find will undoubtedly find its way into anyone’s personal collection.

The collections appeal to those roving eyes, drifting souls and flitting hearts. The colours imbued in the designs and prints, reflect her panache for the wild side of life, yet echo the softness of her true passion. Creating pieces that fit all shapes and sizes, showcasing objects you cannot find easily, offering flamboyance and flair.

Heather Dixon is quirky, distinct and daring having started her own brand in a saturated apparel market in Bali. One ingredient that other many hundreds or even thousands of shops do not have is an eye for the past infused with the instincts for the future. Ornamental pieces that are soaked with history and culture, garments that finally roar daring colour combos, and shoes that you know no one else would own, give Feather & Find that extra edge of boldness. That Bohemian Rhapsody we have known for years, loved so unequivocally, crooned to with our hearts and now can wear with great flourish.