Feather's call to bring meaningful indigenous design to a modern world

I am guided to bring awareness of indigenous symbols and designs, with a purpose to pass on the ancient teachings that are still understood by tribal peoples and to share and remind them to woman of the Western culture. I feel we have forgotten and lost touch with the purity of human origins and of the creative power that connects us all. In these very historical times where things are moving so fast towards another world it is my feeling that we must be reminded of what came before, and the importance of Mother Nature and how she communicates with each and every one of us. Life force is Energy … Life has energy from plants, trees, forests and seas, and runs through all including animals, birds and the bees… We all have consciousness heartbeat… We are a magnetic force that naturally responds to nature in the most primal way. Ancient wisdom teaches us healing, for creating, communing and connecting to the power we have within. Feather is “called” to Find and connect and transmute the teachings of the Divine through powerful ancient cultures bringing ancient visual design clothing with meaning and with feeling. It is with thanks to the communities we work with and to you that we can help financial with contributions created by you. From my heart to yours, I thank you. May we bring Peace, Light and Love to our generation and those that come after. Haux Haux