I'm constantly inspired by artisanal crafts and handmade goods. Since I was a little girl growing up in Venezuela around a multi-cultural family, mixes of colors, textiles and production techniques always drew me in. I've particularlt always loved shopping local when I travel, and supporting regional crafts since many of those art forms are disappearing due to fast fashion

Color makes me feel every kind of joy! I'm constantly surrounded by color, from every nook in my home to just about everything I wear, Psychological research studies show the mood heightening effects of color on positivity, happeniness and overall wellbeing. I like to describe my style as "walking Piñata party"

My style and aesthetic has evolved over the years, but has always been rooted in my Latin American heritage and experiences of the world and its beautiful people.

I love Feather & Find, first of all, because of the heart and mission behind then brand produce ethically while making women feed beautiful and worthy in their ow God-given and glorious bodies. I also love each and every piece because there is such a diverse and delicious mix of colors, prints and design details that make each piece feel like a little treasure you want to wear for the rest of your life. And last but not least, I love the international construction of each piece designed to best highlight and wrap the female body, maling women feel sexy without having to bare it all.